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Luigi's Wedding Cake Center

Luigi's was voted 'BEST' Cannoli by Connecticut Magazine; 'BEST' Wedding Cake by Knot Wedding Magazine; 'BEST' Pastry Shop by Fairfield County Weekly and Connecticut Post !
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  100017 Dove Topper  (Pictured above)   100025C Calla Lily Flower (Pictured above)
  100037 Sweet 15 Castle (Pictured above)   100041 Rose First Dance (Pictured above)
  100045 Rose Dove (Pictured above)   100065 Funny Sexy Rings (Pictured above)
  100086 Military Marine (Pictured above)   100525 25th Anniversary (Pictured above)
  100550 50th Anniversary (Pictured above)   100611 Glass Arch Dancing Couple (Pictured above)


100673 Cinderella Castle (Pictured above)   100924 Pearl Arch Sweet 15 (Pictured above)




101067 African American Pearl Elegance (Pictured above)


101311 Hawaiian Beach (Pictured above)




104429 Stephanotis with Bride & Groom (Pictured above)


104453 Off White Stephanotis with Bride & Groom (Pictured above)




104717 Dove with Porcelain Base (Pictured above)


104923R Pastel Rose Bride & Groom (Pictured above)




106623C Elegant Calla Lily (Pictured above)


701232 Circle of Love Always (Pictured above)




703756 Kim Anderson Pretty as a Picture (Pictured above)


704837 Walt Disney Cinderella and Prince Charming (Pictured above)




706486 Circle of Love Cross (Pictured above)


706505 Funny Sexy Bride & Groom (Pictured above)




706506 Over the Threshold Bride &Groom (Pictured above)


707513 Porcelain Cinderella Pumpkin Coach (Pictured above)




707515 Bride & Groom with Heart Frame (Pictured above)


707517 Porcelain Heart with Dove (Pictured above)




707520 Porcelain First Dance (Pictured above)


707523C Elegant Calla Lily Bride & Groom (Pictured above)




707524 Porcelain Sweet 16 (Pictured above)


707530 African American Wedding Couple (Pictured above)




707531 Newly Wed Wedding Couple (Pictured above)


707532 Rose Garden Wedding Couple (Pictured above)




707547 Porcelain Cinderella Fairy Tale Coach (Pictured above)


707568 Porcelain Wedding First Kiss (Pictured above)




Espresso Pot  (available in 6 Cup, 9 Cup, 12 Cup ) (Pictured above)


Pasta Machine (Pictured above)




Pizzelle Bakers Polished or Non Stick Grid (Pictured above)


Electric Espresso Maker saecos-ogo-sg (Pictured above)

    Call Luigis at 203-374-4225 for information
  Electric Espresso Maker Spidemvilla-5 (Pictured above)    

Luigi's Bakery is a proud sponsor of the Swim Across The Sound Breakfast: March 6, 2013 (7:30 AM) Holiday Inn Bridgeport,CT. Call Luigi's 203.374.4225 for reservations. (Chairmen: John DiMarco & John Matthews) FREE PARKING
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